Natural treatment options for scabies

Those who live in an unhygienic surrounding are the ones who are most prone to the scabies infection. With the availability of natural treatment options for scabies dealing with the malady becomes easier. Anyone who gets in contact with the infected person has higher chances of developing the infection. Scabies infection is an indication that you are probably not maintaining adequate personal hygiene. It is therefore always advised that with scabies around you need to pay special attention to personal hygiene.

Hairless areas like the wrists, the elbows, webs of fingers and toes, waist, navel, breasts and genitals are areas which get commonly infected. The infected person has to put up with severe itching sensation all the time, which worsens more during the night. The person desires to keep scratching to get relief, and by doing this, small blisters filled with fluid are formed. These vestibules bleed and form scabs. If you resort to natural treatment options for scabies, the cure is sure and most beneficial in the long run.

Major symptoms:

Itchy vesicular eruption on the skin is the main symptom of scabies which only worsens during night time. There is feeling of intense scratching all the time with pus formation, blisters and inflammation on the skin. This can be reduced by a number of natural treatment options for scabies. Borrow like appearances which are reddish, brown or gray are observed on the skin. Such a condition indicates infection of scabies. The infection generally occurs on areas near the elbow wrists, webs of the fingers and toes, buttocks, private parts and folds under the armpits. If proper hygiene is not maintained, chances of developing scabies are more. You feel restless with the continuous itching sensation which keeps increasing till the infection is treated.

Natural home remedies:

There are a number of natural treatment options for scabies. Scabies is treated by simple and effective home based treatment options. They are simple to administer and help in relieving pain, itching as well as reducing the growth of parasites within the skin.

Paste of Margosa (Neem) leaves and mustard oil should be mixed with turmeric powder and applied on the affected part and left for one hour at least. This paste is known to work miracles in the treatment of scabies.

Neem is one of the natural treatment options for scabies. Neem is widely used for its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. A decoction should be prepared by boiling the bark of the neem tree and applied on the affected area continuously for some days, till the infection goes away.

Tea tree oil is another natural treatment options for scabies. The itching on the skins stops naturally as the skin gets healed. Tea tree oil helps in killing the eggs as well as the mites under the skin. Add a few drops of tea tree oil in your warm bath water and bathe twice a day with this additive. With the help of cotton wool you can also apply the oil on the affected part at least twice a day. You need to invest in continuous treatment for at least twenty days.

Camphor is another natural home treatment option for scabies. Besides scabies camphor is used in other skin ailments too. Camphor mixed in coconut oil and applied on the affected part is a great reliever.

Sulphur mixed with ghee is an excellent home remedy too. Ghee and the sulphur should be heated on a low flame till all the sulphur dissolves. When cool, apply this mixture on the affected area twice a day which is extremely beneficial in the treatment.

Mint leaves can also be used in treating scabies. The juice of mint leaves should be extracted and applied on the affected area a number of times for relief.

Precautions to be taken:

Ensure to keep the bedding, towels and linen clean always after taking the above home treatment to avoid further infection. There could be some mites still in the room and this increases the risk of re-infection. Scabies infects mostly smaller children as they play outdoors and touch all and sundry. Children like to play in mud etc. and hence can develop infection quickly. Secondly scabies spreads through human touch and kids maintain physical contact with other kids a lot which increases the risk of infection.

With the availability of natural treatment options for scabies, it becomes easier for mothers to treat the infection at home itself. Children are affected by it when they are in their tender years, and since the infection can be treated with external application of different home remedies, it becomes easier to treat it at home itself. Take care of home hygiene. Keep bed sheets, linen, pillows clean to avoid infection. Even after treatment ensure to keep the surroundings as well as your linen and clothes clean to prevent the reoccurrence of scabies.

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